Apply for specialized stunt workshop “Stunt Acting“, held in Zagreb, Croatia. June 2017.
Croatian Stunt Organization in June 2017 is holding for the first time a certified stunt workshop “Stunt Acting“ in Zagreb, Croatia.

Witness a clash of the two greats as they work together on certified workshop “Stunt Acting”, giving you the chance to fully understand what it means to be a stunt actor.

Darko Tuškan, a world renowned Stunt Actor, Stunt Coordinator, Action Director and Safety Supervisor has worked on a variety of shows as a character in Feature Films such as The Lake (Croatia), Pirates of the Caribbean-5, San Andreas, Superman Returns, The Thin Red Line, Mr Nice Guy, First Strike and not to mention Televis…ion Series, Commercials & Music Videos, VS.

Mr Vili Matula, recognized Croatian professional stage, television and movie Actor with roles in movies Schindler’s List, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead, Max Schmeling and TV Series such as Dirigenti i Muzikaši, War and Remembrance, Borgia and Smogovci, among many others.
Darko and Vili are going head to head so you can learn from their vast knowledge and experience.

Let’s make movie magic together…


  • introduction to Stunt Actors workshop
  • Theory & Practical (for the camera)
  • How does it work with both wardrobe and make-up
  • Acting & working within the role as scripted for the camera
  • Knowing the three main areas: the before, during & after of the scene
  • Understanding why you are doing the action required for the scene
  • Acting within a high risk action scene
  • Quality of acting as a stunt double – copying body movements of a certain actor/actress
  • Understanding what it takes to be a great Stunt Double
  • Evaluation of all performers
  • Debrief


Zagreb, Croatia.


24th – short briefing and business, workshop (from 9am to 7pm)
25th – workshop (from 9am to 7pm)

This is a highly professional workshop involving some level of risk because of stunt action, due to acting. Extreme professional approach is demanded of all participants.

Please contact us with any questions at E-MAIL.