Log on to the unique stunt workshop “Stunt Work in & on Water” which will be held on the island of Krk

The Croatian Stunt Organization will finally hold the first ever certified stunt workshop “Stunt Work in & on Water” in July 2017. This is the only stunt and actors workshop of its kind in the history of the region and beyond and will be held on the beautiful island of Krk.

This intensive and specialized workshop allows for the adaptation of techniques used in & on the water. Darko Tuskan is a world-renowned Action Director, Stunt Coordinator and Safety Supervisor, Has worked on shows involving water like Flipper 1 & 2, Acri, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea & Fools Gold & a lot of Commercials, In particular the TV show “Mako Mermaids 2 & 3 (underwater scenes with mermaids).

If you wish to expand your knowledge as a stunt performer & actor, Now you can benefit the knowledge and experience that has been gained over the years, by a true professional Darko Tuskan.

Let’s do together this interesting but above all demanding experience!

Please contact us with any questions at E-MAIL.