Apply for specialised stunt workshop “Fire Stunts”, held in Zagreb, CROATIA, 1 July 2017.

The ‘Croatian Stunt Organisation’ in July 2017 is holding for the third time a stunt workshop “Fire Stunts” in Zagreb, Croatia.

Darko Tuskan is back again with a firey workshop that enables you to learn from his extensive knowledge and experience as a Stunt Coordinator, Action Director and Safety Supervisor on Feature Films: Ashburn Waters, Vigilante, Sleeper, Answered by Fire, The Marine, Stealth, The Great Raid, Mission Imposible-2, The Thin Red Line, The Real McCaw, Escape From Absalom, Space Above & Beyond, Tele-Series: Time Trax, Fire, The Team, The Pacific, TVC: Rexona Stunt City, Some Live Shows…, Music Videos & Documentary’s.

“In my career I have been apart of at least 22 workshops in Australia and overseas, so one could image how many people I have put on fire. One thing I would like say is how it was done many years ago compared to how it is done today, we have evolved with new & improved ways of doing a torch because it has to be bigger, with more colour & in todays filming environment of course it has to be safer for all involved. So with your on going training in this area, our aim is for you to have a greater understanding, knowledge regarding the set up & execution doing a partial to a full torch. Feel for yourself what it means to be truly on fire, under professional guidance and above all safely. This workshop is for stunt performers with a burning desire for an exciting new experience…”

Let’s burn together
  • Introduction in working with fire (theory)
  • Basic methods of work with fire and their safety measures
  • Management of work with fire
  • Communication with participants on set
  • Who is in charge of the set
  • Understanding your limitations & the limitations of each burn
  • Fire safety- teamwork (theory & practical)
  • Introduction to fire equipment and other safety equipment
  • (Wardrobe & Nomax)
  • Knowledge & understanding types of fuel to be used & placement of fuel
  • Basic operation with fire & safety equipment (theory & practical)
  • The design and implementation of choreographed actions to be performed on set (theory & practical)
  • Choreograph & perform the scene of a burn
  • Partial to full-body burn (theory & practical)
  • Theory & practical – working with in your limits, (evaluation of all performers)
  • Management operation, protocol & procedures for burning while filming
  • Understanding working for the camera next to stunt Coordinator / action director
  • Maintenance and care of the safety/stunt equipment used to operate with fire
  • Debrief
  • This is a highly professional workshop involving high level risk stunt actions, due to working with fire. Extreme professional approach is demanded of all participants.
  • Participants will perform actions in accordance with their own capabilities, only approved by the stunt coordinator of the workshop.
  • Participants will need to bring certain type of clothing (loose, long-sleeved shirt, jacket/coat and one size too-big long pants) that are 100% cotton to be used for self-burns. Ensure they are not nylon or synthetic materials. There are many second hand Shops in Zagreb for buying inexpensive required clothes.
  • Medical professional will be present at all times during the workshop.
  • Half of the registration fee must be paid no later than June 12, 2017. In the event of your cancellation participant fee is not refundable.
  • Participants are expected to arrive on 30th of June by 19h for briefing at ZTD Hrvatski Sokol, Trg Maršala Tita 6, Zagreb, Croatia.
  • The number of participants are limited to 10.
  • Food and accommodation is not included in the registration fee.
  • Participation in the workshop is at your own risk.
  • Croatian stunt Organization recommends that each participant is insured in Insurance Group of their choice before attending this workshop, because tasks planned are declared as high risk.

For arrival and accommodation in Zagreb, please contact us with any questions or other information at E-MAIL & fingers crossed that we will see you in July 1!